American Metalcast Technologies (AMT) offers low pressure, permanent mold, brass casting technology for: superior quality, production efficiency, and environmental compliance. Our low pressure permanent mold equipment uses the most modern technology available for producing low lead castings and we also offer a “lead free” brass alloy which will comply with the stringent NSF lead leaching standards.

We specialize in high quality plumbing, valves, hardware, electrical components, decorative fixtures, and more, where superior finish, pressure-tightness, and/or close tolerance castings are required. Multi-cavity molds are utilized for additional efficiency in high volume production. Less complex and lower volume parts are run on our gravity castings equipment. CNC core making equipment contributes to the reliability of our pressure tight castings.

AMT’s unique reverse flow casting process produces low pressure, permanent mold brass castings with higher structural integrity than is typically found in other processes. The benefits of this process include:

  • Non-porous material through the casting
  • Consistent wall thickness
  • Greater dimensional control through automation
  • Withstands machining and finishing without jeopardizing material integrity
  • No leak path
  • Cleaner, smoother surfaces than “stand” casting