Polco Metal Finishing is one of the largest non-captive finishing companies in the United States, serving the appliance, automotive, plumbing, hardware, medical, and electronics industries.

Polco’s extensive experience and know-how makes a difference in the quality of products. From hand polishing to the use of advanced automatic machines, Polco takes pride in exquisite craftsmanship.

For short or high volume runs, intricate profiles or smooth-surfaced parts, Polco will grind, polish, buff, color or coat your product, regardless of material, in any variety of finishes to meet the exact specifications of your design.

Polco has special processes to achieve “Satin”, “Bright”, “Antique”, “Mirror”, or “Clear Coat” quality finishes or prepare surfaces for plating, powder coating, painting or any other desired finish.

Our automated equipment and skilled craftsmen provide customers with consistent, high-quality finished parts delivered on time.